About Us

Oikos Development Consulting boasts a 30-year proven track record in business and public policy advising and project implementation. Since its establishment in 1989, the company has excelled in delivering tailored solutions, organizing effective project teams, and achieving impactful results.

We develop products and provide advice that seamlessly blends theoretical knowledge with practical application, drawing on many years of experience and learning from both our own and others' mistakes. This unique approach enables us to deeply understand our clients' needs, identify effective solutions, and align them with the implementation potential of each client.

Our unique approach emphasizes understanding the real needs and genuine feelings of stakeholders. We excel at converting quantitative assessments into qualitative insights, allowing us to tailor appropriate tools and solutions that truly align with our clients' goals and circumstances. By combining rigorous analysis with a deep sensitivity to client and stakeholder contexts, we ensure that our strategies and recommendations are both effective and empathetic. Moreover, we integrate development with environmental issues, ensuring the environmental sustainability of proposed solutions.

Our Services

Strategy and Project Development

We formulate comprehensive strategies for innovation, industry transition, sustainable communities, and the development of national, regional, and local plans. Our areas of expertise include industrial and territorial development, nature conservation, and more.

Capacity Building

We plan and implement measures to ensure good governance and the effective application of knowledge in business processes and project and policy management in general. This involves training, skill development, and institutional strengthening to enhance organizational capabilities.

Evaluations and Research Projects

We conduct detailed evaluations and research projects to support development and sustainability initiatives. This includes assessing project impacts, outcomes, and effectiveness to inform future strategies and policies.

Environmental Audits and Environmental Management Systems

We perform thorough environmental audits by reviewing practices and compliance gaps and proposing actions and areas for improvement to ensure compliance with environmental legislation, standards, and corporate environmental policies. We also design Environmental Management Systems or tailor them to the client’s needs, local context, and corporate structure.

Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

We conduct SEA for Spatial/Land Use Plans and programmes for the use of EU funds, and EIA for a range of industries and large-scale infrastructure projects.

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